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So I mentioned briefly in my last post that I'm required to create a poster for my Bio class that illustrates photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and then explain it to 10 people and have them sign my poster. Well, I got my poster done, and I explained it to 10 people, mostly just stopping them in the hallway... ("Umm yes I know you're naked cuz you just got out of the shower but can you spare 3 minutes and learn about Biology??") Dear sweet Holly was the last person I explained it to, and she was by far the most entertaining. :D

M - "So then the sugar molecule undergoes glycolysis, which uses up 2 ATP - "
H - "What's ATP?"
M - "Energy."
*momentary pause* Holly starts jumping excitedly around the hall -

Not to mention the fantastic expressions she made whilst listening to my lecture. They ranged from fascinated to excited to frightened/disturbed.

And then my personal favorite moment.

M - "So the plant cell opens up and lets in light and water for energy. Photoooo-SYNTHESIS!!! It's like plant food!"
H - "Wait wait wait!! So then could a cell be like, bulimic?? And be like 'Photooooo-BLECH!!!!!'"

Holly, I just love you so much. <3