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It's about that time...

... when people start slacking on their New Years resolutions. In past years, I have been no exception to this trend. However, I am determined not to let that happen to me this year. I've tried to think of ways to keep myself motivated, and I came up with a little list. I'll share it now. :)

1. Set easily attainable goals. Aim low. Don't try to overload yourself now. Often times I've been determined to lose weight really fast and so I'd tell myself to run 5 miles every day. Who was I kidding?? I couldn't run hardly a mile to save my life.

*Edit: Don't MAKE YOURSELF bonk. :D

When you set your goals too high and then find that you can't achieve them, it's easy to feel down on yourself and give up. Start out with something easy. For now, I'll push myself to run a mile each day. Once that becomes easy for me, I can work my way up.

2. Tell everyone you know. The more people who know about it, the more likely you won't want to let them down. I always tell my closest friends I'm planning on working out, and they always check up on me to make sure I'm not slacking. My roommate is especially zealous in keeping me on track. Whenever I go for the desserts or seconds at the Cannon Center, I often get this face from her:

She WISHES she was as cool as the Rock.

When you've got your friends pushing you, it's hard to slack. You may even want to get people to PHYSICALLY push you to attain your goals. I've had people pull me up out of bed or away from my desk to get me to move. Do what you have to. It will be worth it.

3. Reward yourself. Remember when you were in 2nd grade and your teacher would give you a gold star if you got something right? 

I loved getting those gold stars. It gave me such a good feeling. Guess what? Not much has changed since 2nd grade! It's always good to have a little incentive to follow your resolutions. If you lose those 10 pounds and you drop that dress size, go buy yourself a dress in your new size! 
For me, though, losing those 10 pounds would be reward enough. :)