Eating the Alphabet

Truth is...
I've been super lazy with my restaurant review thingy.
I'm just going to list the names of the restaurants I go to from A-Z.

Here's what I have so far:
Aroma Cafe
Bombay Cafe
La Choza
Don Chuys
Fat Burger

Tumblr - Day 26

Day 26:
What you think about your friends

I think my friends are the most amazing people I've ever met.
They're all so talented and unique.
Each of my friends has a special place in my heart. 

Key Moments of the Royal Wedding

Funny moment with a priest at Royal Wedding

Photoshop Perfect Magazines

I've always loved photoshop
because you can alter reality.
You can also make cool creations,
make things 3-D, and a whole bunch of neat stuff.

But it seems as if the biggest use for photoshop now
is to make people seem pretty and flawless.

If you use different filters,
you can also make pictures look worse,
although nobody would want to do that.

Except me.

Same picture. 
Different filters.
Not exactly flattering.
The top left is the original picture,
top right is HDR,
bottom left is infrared,
and bottom right is made to look Holga-esque.
In the HDR and infrared picture, you can pretty much see every freckle,
every imperfection,
every flaw.

Why don't they use these types of filters on magazine covers?
How about, instead of trying to convince us that all these people are gorgeous and haven't a flaw in the world,
show us that they are actually NOT perfect? Just like us.
Instead, they use pictures that look more like the Holga-esque one, which are slightly more white-balanced and look slightly less flawed.

I'm not perfect.
No one is.
Reality is,
no one is the photoshop perfect that you find on magazines.

Sudden Realization

Prayer is like 11:11 at any time of day. 

Just Married!

Finalmente o casal actual da população casa hoje. Numa cerimónia em Westminster Abbey, a família real demonstrou simplicidade e beleza, assim como os seus súbditos.  O casamento iniciou na manhã de hoje, 29 de Abril de 2011. Embora sejam acontecimentos da Realeza Britânica, o mundo inteiro parou para assistir à união de Príncipe William of Wales e a jovem Catherine Middleton. “You look beautiful” foram as palavras que o noivo sussurrou para a bela noiva com o vestido arrasador criado por Sarah Burton para Alexander McQueen. Com quase 2000 convidados e a presença espontânea do povo, Kate recebeu a aliança antes usada pela Princesa Diana of Wales, tiveram os votos, e quase em uma hora já estiveram “casados de fresco” na varanda do palácio de Buckingham a ter o seu beijo de casamento, após o percurso de Westminster Abbey até casa. O momento foi registado por todo o mundo e quem não viu, apenas que ligue a televisão ou “just Google-it” para se actualizar. ;)

Embora tenha sido uma cerimónia e tanto, o evento deixou as suas marcas:

Royal Kisses


Not many people ever believe me,
I like being alone.

Whenever I'm at home,
my parents don't let me go somewhere just to be alone.
I have to always be with friends so some "stranger doesn't come up to me".

I would LOVE to go hiking by myself, climb to the top of a mountain
and just sit there the whole day.
I would love that.

But the only way I'd be able to do something like that would be if I was with friends or family.
Not that I don't like being with friends or family,
I do. 
But sometimes,
I just really need my own personal time.

The only time I can ever find time to be alone is when I'm with my friends.
Which sounds odd, but I usually feel alone with friends anyway, so it's not that bad.

I dislike when people isolate themselves for the purpose of trying to draw attention to themselves.
That ruins the whole point of being isolated.
If you want attention,
just tell someone.
I don't want attention.
I don't.

I just want to be alone.

Tomorrow, William Wales and Catherine Middleton gettin married.

Can't Help But Wonder

Sometimes I can't help but wonder:
what am I doing here?
There are so many more useful people on this Earth.
I don't really have a purpose that I'm aware of.
No special talents,
no great looks,
no extravagant tastes,
no life-altering opinions.

I'm just here to.. well..
sit at my computer chair at 12:47am
and write about nothing
while I stream Tumblr and see
how cool people's lives are.

One things for sure -
I don't know anything that I am,
but I sure do know what I'm not.

Tumblr - Day 25

Day 25:
What I would find in your bag

  • Chapstick
  • House key
  • Mascara
  • Wax (for my braces)
  • Some form of candy
  • Stray dollars
  • Loose change
  • Paper & Pen/Pencil
  • If it's random, it's there.

Disney's Idea of Love

Disney songs tend to be depressing with 
their never-ending hopeless-romanticism.
A few examples:

Love Me or Leave Me
Say, love me or leave me and let me be lonely
You won't believe me but I love you only
I'd rather be lonely than happy with somebody else

You might find the night time the right time for kissing
Night-time is my time for just reminiscing
Regretting instead of forgetting with somebody else

There'll be no one unless that someone is you
I intend to be independently blue

Say, I want your love, don't wanna borrow
Have it today to give back tomorrow

Your love is my love
My love is your love
There's no love for nobody else

Unchained Melody
Oh, my love
my darling
I've hungered for your touch
a long lonely time
and time goes by so slowly
and time can do so much
are you still mine?

I need your love
I need your love
Godspeed your love to me

Lonely rivers flow to the sea,
to the sea
to the open arms of the sea
lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me'
I'll be coming home wait for me 

When I Fall In Love
When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love

In a restless world
Like this is
Love is ended before it's begun
And too many
Moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart
I give it completely
Or I'll never give my heart

And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you

When She Loved Me
When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart

And when she was sad, I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy, so was i, when she loved me.

Through the summer and the fall, we had each other, that was all
Just she and I together, like it was meant to be
And when she was lonely, I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me.

So the years went by, I stayed the same
And she began to drift away, I was left alone
Still I waited for the day, when she’d say "i will always love you."

Lonely and forgotten, never thought she’d look my way,
She smiled at me and held me, just like she used to do,
Like she loved me, when she loved me

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart
When she loved me.

I Won't Say I'm In Love
If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history - been there, done that!

Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you

Girl, you can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no
You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, uh-oh!
It's too cliche
I won't say I'm in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, we're not buying
Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no
Give up, give in
Check the grin you're in love
This scene won't play
I won't say I'm in love

You're doin' flips read our lips
You're in love
You're way off base
I won't say it
Get off my case
I won't say it
Girl, don't be proud
It's O.K. you're in love
At least out loud
I won't say 
I'm in love

BEDA Day 19

Day 19: Book Review–You pick the book, review it.

The Secret Life of Bees.
I'm not good at reviews,
but I absolutely LOVED this book.
It's a nice, easy read. 
I recommended it 100%.

BEDA Day 18

Day 18: Top Ten List–You pick the topic, then make it a Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Want To Happen Someday:
  1. Go sky-diving.
  2. Attend Rocky wearing next to nothing.
  3. Have one of my postsecrets published on the website for a week.
  4. Save a life.
  5. Fall in love.
  6. Have kids/adopt kids.
  7. Invent something useful to many people.
  8. Have a song of mine published on iTunes.
  9. Ride on a motorcycle, hugging the boy driving me.
  10. Write a book and have it published.

Every day.

All I'm gunna say is:
The Notebook.
One year.
365 days.

I'm on day 9.
I wan't to tell you so badly.
But at the same time, I don't.
I want it to be a surprise,
but at the same time, I don't.
I suck at surprises.
I can't stand them. They're too intimidating.
Maybe you'll read this post
and ask me what the hell I'm talking about.
Then I'll tell you.
I want you to ask me so I can tell you.
But I don't want to sound like a freak
and just tell you randomly, out of the blue. 

Like I said.
Day 9.
Only 356 to go.

I kinda "low-key" wish
you were doing the same 
thing I was doing. I wonder
what you'd have to say.

Chez Carraway

So I have been home since Saturday afternoon, and thus far it's been pretty great! I called my mom the moment I landed at the Reagan National Airport and they had literally just walked into our house after getting back from their spring break in Belgium. It was a close call, that's for certain.

On Sunday I went ward hopping. I started out at sacrament meeting in my home ward, and then I drove my cousin over to the singles ward, where she taught a great sunday school lesson. After that, I left her to go to the singles ward relief society and I drove back to my own ward to visit with people. It was pretty interesting. I think I've determined I don't really want to go to the singles ward here. Literally everyone is post-grad and in their late 20's. I'm like.... I definitely don't belong here. Buhbye.

Now I'm just trying to figure out what my schedule will be like for the summer. I'm definitely taking a break this week and just chillin. But next week I start up on a 9 to 5 job at my mom's office. It should be swell. I'm also considering taking another job, but I'm not sure yet if it'll benefit me at all. We'll see. (I'd like to work at Lululemon Athletica, but I'll have to check on flexibility of schedules because I'm probably gonna take some impromptu trips this summer to Boston and the beach and such. So yeah. My office job is usually pretty fexible and so I might just stick with that one.) I'll also be working with a personal trainer twice a week, so that'll be fun as well.

Now I'm craving a banana like a mother.

Looks delectable, doesn't it?

Sorry, that was random. Anyways, this was probably not the most interest blog post ever. But I figured I might just catch everyone up on my home life thus far. I don't know when I'll be able to post again. I don't get on the web that much anymore, now that I'm home and there's no wireless so I have to wait my turn for the home computer. :P

I miss all of my friends from school!! If you're reading this, know that I love you and message me so we can plan some Skype sesh's. And to all of my friends that are still at school, good luck on finals and let me know when you're back in town so we can hang.

Have a good life, y'all. :)

Random thought #15

I know you can't see me via text message, but I'm hissing at your text right now. Because you make me smile. And I smiled. But I shouldn't have. HISSSS.

Lover's Secret Song

I watched Moulin Rouge for the first time two nights ago.
I really, really, really liked it.
And, as usual with these romantic movies that I watch,
it inspired me.

If ever you're with her, and I hear you humming, singing, playing, ANYTHING-ing to the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", I'll know you still do love me. And, like Christian, I won't be jealous. Even though the Duke is trying to steal you away, just sing me that tune, and I'll know that, like Satine, it's just your great acting skills. I'll know that you don't love the Duke and that you do, wholeheartedly, love me.
If you don't.. well, I'll know you actually love the Duke.
I'll let you be happy with the choice you make.

Yes, I'm aware the real Lover's Secret Song is "Come What May".
But that was their story. This is ours.
Or will it be?

BEDA Day 17

Day 17: This I Believe–What’s your personal motivation in life?

My motivation in life?
Currently, it's my friends and myself. For the future, it's the chance of a good life and true love.

BEDA Day 16: Guest Blogger

Day 16: Guest Blogger–Take a day off. Find a guest blogger for the day!

Lately I’ve been having pretty bad cases of déjà vu. It has come to the point where I’m getting it at least twice a day. I want to believe that I’m psychic, but I know that my mind is just playing games with me. The thing about the human mind (specifically memory) is that it is constantly playing tricks on us. What we think is a real memory may in fact be distorted as we look back at it. The most noted belief on déjà vu is that it’s just a distorted memory. Something we thought we saw before, but really had never seen. It’s all made up. We may have been in a situation similar to the déjà vu, but we change it in our heads to match what we see. (Our brains also have problems with noticing small changes when so used to seeing something common because we blindly accept it to still be the same). While researching déjà vu I also came upon jamais vu meaning “never seen.” It’s the opposite of déjà vu and a form of amnesia. Along with this is Presque vu, meaning “almost seen” which is close to the idea of having something on the “tip of your tongue.”
I don’t really know why I needed to discuss this, but it’s just fascinating to think of all these gaps in our minds. Hard to believe we get anything out at all.
“When I first saw you it felt like déjà vu of a dream I wished to keep. As life goes on it becomes jamais vu, a gap in memory. Now a Presque vu so close and nearly touched. But just another déjà vu my mind wanted to make up.”

- Thank you Adam (:

BEDA Day 15

I'm so so sorry I haven't blogged in forever! My little brother is always on the computer. Grahh ):<

Day 15: Follow Friday–Suggest a YouTube channel or video you love

My friend introduced me to them,
and I absolutely LOVE them.

Vou para casa!!

Today's the day!!! 3 hours and I will be boarding a plane for home!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

DC, here I come!!!

Earth Pictures

Earth- Official Movie Trailer (watch in HD!)

Earth Songs

Dia da Mãe Terra

Picture credits to the creator: Man-i from Deviantart

________________________"Dia da Terra: A história de um movimento
A cada ano, o Dia da Terra - 22 de abril - marca o aniversário da que muitos consideram o nascimento do moderno movimento ambiental em 1970.A altura de hippie e da cultura hippie nos Estados Unidos, 1970 trouxe a morte de Jimi Hendrix, o último álbum dos Beatles e Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Protesto foi na ordem do dia, mas a salvação do planeta não foi a causa. Guerra foi travada no Vietnã, e estudantes em todo o país cada vez mais se opuseram a ela.Na época, os americanos foram slurping gasolina com chumbo através sedans V8 maciça. Indústria do fumo expelido para fora e lamas com pouco medo das consequências jurídicas ou má imprensa. A poluição do ar era comumente aceita como o cheiro de prosperidade. "Meio Ambiente" foi uma palavra que apareceu mais vezes para soletrar na escola do que no noticiário da noite. Apesar de integrar a América permaneceu indiferente às preocupações ambientais, o palco tinha sido fixado para a mudança através da publicação de Rachel Carson New York Times best-seller "Silent Spring", em 1962. O livro representou um divisor de águas para o movimento ambientalista moderno, vendendo mais de 500.000 cópias em 24 países e, até aquele momento, mais do que qualquer outra pessoa, a Sra. Carson sensibilizou a opinião pública e preocupação para os organismos vivos, o ambiente ea saúde pública .Dia da Terra 1970 capitalizou a consciência emergente, canalizando a energia do movimento de protesto anti-guerra e colocando a frente das preocupações ambientais e no centro. 

A idéia veio à Terra fundador Dia Gaylord Nelson, em seguida, um senador dos EUA de Wisconsin, depois de testemunhar a devastação do vazamento de óleo 1969 maciços em Santa Barbara, Califórnia. Inspirado no movimento anti-guerra do estudante, ele percebeu que se ele pudesse infundir essa energia com uma consciência emergente público sobre a poluição do ar e da água, teria força de protecção ambiental na agenda política nacional. Senador Nelson anunciou a idéia de um "nacional ensinar-nos sobre o meio ambiente" para a mídia nacional; convenceu Pete McCloskey, uma política de conservação do congressista republicano, para servir como seu co-presidente; e recrutou Denis Hayes como coordenador nacional. Hayes construiu uma equipa nacional de 85 para promover eventos em todo o país.
Como resultado, em 22 de abril, 20 milhões de americanos tomaram as ruas, parques e auditórios para demonstrar para um ambiente saudável e sustentável no maciço de costa a costa-comícios. Milhares de colégios e universidades organizaram protestos contra a deterioração do meio ambiente. Grupos que tinham lutado contra derramamentos de petróleo, fábricas poluidoras e usinas de energia, esgoto, lixo tóxico, pesticidas, auto-estradas, a perda do deserto, ea extinção da fauna de repente percebi que compartilhavam valores comuns.
Dia da Terra 1970 alcançou um raro alinhamento político, contando com o apoio de republicanos e democratas, ricos e pobres, cafagestes da cidade e dos agricultores, magnatas e líderes trabalhistas. O primeiro Dia da Terra levou à criação da United States Environmental Protection Agency e pela passagem do Ar Limpo , Água Limpa e Espécies Ameaçadas Atos. "Foi uma aposta", lembrou Gaylord ", mas funcionou."
Em 1990 se aproximava, um grupo de líderes ambientais Denis Hayes pediu para organizar uma outra grande campanha. Desta vez, o Dia da Terra foi global, mobilizando 200 milhões de pessoas em 141 países e levantando questões ambientais no cenário mundial. Dia da Terra 1990 deu um grande impulso aos esforços de reciclagem a nível mundial e ajudou a pavimentar o caminho para as Nações Unidas de 1992 Cúpula da Terra no Rio de Janeiro. Ele também levou o presidente Bill Clinton a adjudicação do senador Nelson a Medalha Presidencial da Liberdade (1995) - a mais alta honraria concedida a civis nos Estados Unidos - por seu papel como fundador o Dia da Terra.
À medida que o milénio se aproximava, Hayes decidiu encabeçar uma outra campanha, desta vez centrada sobre o aquecimento global e um impulso para a energia limpa. Com 5.000 grupos ambientais em um registro de 184 países chegando a centenas de milhões de pessoas, o Dia da Terra 2000 combinou o mau humor do grande-retrato do primeiro Dia da Terra com o activismo de base internacional do Dia da Terra 1990. Ele usou a Internet para organizar os activistas, mas também contou com uma cadeia de tambor falante, que viajava de aldeia em aldeia, no Gabão, na África, e centenas de milhares de pessoas reunidas no National Mall em Washington, DC. Dia da Terra 2000, enviou os líderes mundiais a mensagem alta e clara que os cidadãos do mundo inteiro queriam acção rápida e decisiva em energia limpa.
Muito parecido com 1970, Dia da Terra 2010 veio em um momento de grande desafio para a comunidade ambientalista. negadores das alterações climáticas, os lobistas do petróleo bem financiado, políticos reticente, um público desinteressado, e uma comunidade dividida ao meio ambiente, contribuíram para uma narrativa forte que ofuscou a causa do progresso e mudança. Apesar do desafio, para o seu 40 º aniversário, o Earth Day Network restabelecido o Dia da Terra como um poderoso ponto focal em torno do qual as pessoas pudessem demonstrar o seu compromisso. Earth Day Network trouxe 225 mil pessoas para o National Mall para um clima Rally, acumulam 40 milhões de ações de serviços ambientais para o seu objectivo para 2012 de A BILLION ACTS OF GREEN ®, lançou um internacional, um milhão de iniciativa de plantação de árvores com o diretor James Cameron, Avatar e triplicou sua base on-line para mais de 900.000 membros da comunidade. 
A luta por um ambiente limpo continua em um clima de crescente urgência, como a devastação da mudança climática ficaram mais claras a cada dia. Nós convidamos você a ser uma parte do Dia da Terra e ajudar a escrever muitas mais vitórias e sucessos em nossa história. Descubra a energia que você nem sabia que tinha. Sinta-rumble através das bases debaixo de seus pés e da tecnologia ao seu alcance. Canalizá-la para construir um ambiente limpo, mundo saudável, diversificada para as gerações vindouras "
(google-translated directly from
Torn. Right down the middle. Torn.

Movin' out!

Ok. It's currently 3:50 am, and I am still awake. I've been packing my things away, moving them into the hallway, cleaning out my room, and preparing to check out in less than 7 hours. Guess what?? I'M COMING HOME, BABY.

Jumpin' for joy, yo :D

So I check out at 10 tomorrow (today, technically), I move my stuff into storage, I drive up to Salt Lake City, I check into a hotel, I crash for 12 hours (to make up for all the sleep I'm NOT getting tonight), and I get up and hop on a flight at 10 am Saturday morning, headed back to DC!!!

I'm so freakin' stoked, it's not even funny.

Ok, time to get back to work.
The only way I cannot be in Love with you is if I anger you so much that you can't stand me anymore. Then you'll dislike me, and maybe I'll fall out of Love.

Time To Take Charge

I'm actually not too worried what you think of me, believe it or not.
You're not in charge of me.
You have no say over what I do.
I'm gunna do what I wanna do. I'm gunna do what makes me happy. 

You don't like me?
Fine. I can't please everyone.
My life isn't controlled by what you say I can or can't do.
I'm building a bridge and crossing new oceans.
I'm not scared of you anymore.

Tribute to a fantastic year

Here's a little something I made for all of my awesome friends I've made this year. We had some super fun/ridiculous/wild and crazy times, and I hope we never forget any of it. :)

I love all of you. With every fiber of my being. Thanks for making this year so wonderful
"If you're a bird, I'm a bird." <3

Like a dream

Today has been a fabulous day. The sun is shining, I got one of my finals out of the way, I've worked out (and achieved my running goal for the week), and I went to a ward barbecue and ate lots of delicious pork and chicken smothered in barbecue sauce.

I'm thinking to myself, this day is just so perfect. It's completely putting me in the mood to not do anything. And that is technically NO BUENO for finals week. But at this point I really don't care. I'm so ready for the summertime. I don't really like living nowhere near a coastline. Give me a beach and the ocean any day. Bring it on!! I'm so ready. :D

Gotta get to the sea....

BEDA Day 14: "Warm sun, cool breeze"

Day 14: TILT–Things I Love Thursday

Good friends who are always there for me. Holly. Jessica. Adam. Lorenzo.
I love this day because it consisted of:
warm sun and a cool breeze,
long walks,
the air in my face,
being told I'm talented,
and mostly,
big realizations.

Too good

I'm never going to be good enough.
I should have expected this.
Everything good in my life is always too good to be true.
I should have seen this coming.
All I did was set myself up for failure.

- Rebecca Marie Heron

Something that makes ME smile

Today I was looking through stumbleupon, and I found the MOST adorable picture ever.

For those of you who don't already know, I'm obsessed with the ocean. Like, OBSESSED. For my senior year science class, I took oceanography. I've been scuba diving. And I loooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee oceanic creatures of ALL types. So this picture literally made me squeal with delight/want to cry because I want one of these 'lil things for my own.

And it's an ALBINO!

Isn't that the sweetest little creature you've ever seen????? If I could have any random pet for my own, I could most DEFINITELY choose a sea turtle.


BEDA: Cookies and Chicken

Day 13: Fave Recipe–Doesn’t have to be something you make. Grandma’s cookies? Mom’s casserole?

When he uses his secret recipe,
So are my moms. 
And my dad's Chick Cordon Bleu.
And his granola.
And pretty much anything he makes.

I've always aspired to be as good a chef as my dad.
He works at the firehouse so he's used to make big and tasty meals.

My mom makes good food too,
just in way smaller portions.

Oh, I also have my own lemonade recipe that I came up with. 
It's quite good if I do say so myself.

BEDA: Instant Water

Day 12: Brain Crack Ideas–What are those great ideas or inventions you have but haven’t made happen? Your million dollar ideas.

Shoot. I'm sure I have so many good ones. Just not anything I can think of off the top of my head.
Besides my amazing idea of instant water. All you do is add water.
My friend says it's as useless as a pet rock /:
I just think he's jealous (:

The only reason I enjoyed American Heritage this semester

In continuation of National Poetry Month

Used To

It's that pivotal moment
That moment where
You realize
That life won't be
Anything near where you had
Anticipated it

It's disorienting
And you feel reality
Slicing your soul away
From your bones
Your muscles
Your veins
Your blood runs freely in your past

You are no longer you
You watch yourself
Your family
Your life
You watch it all slip through time
You're so disconnected
You don't even know who
You are anymore

Who am I?
What am I doing
With my life?
What is my motivation
To keep going?

I lost my childhood
In that one instant
My sweet naïveté
Slipped away from me
With a quick snip
Just a few words
And suddenly I
Was a different person

I used to never be
Without a reason to smile
I used to run around
And laugh and bring
Joy to others

But with those words
That child packed her bags
She got up and left
A sombre
Quiet and unhappy
Woman in her wake
A woman who sees
No reason to follow the rules
No reason to
Care what anyone thinks

And all she could ever do was
Think of what she
Didn't get to have
Because she lost much more
Than her childhood in
That instant
And she knows she
Shouldn't wallow in
Self pity
And she hates herself
For it
But she can't make it stop

Who am I now?
I wish I could
Tell you
But I haven't yet
Had the opportunity
To make my acquaintance