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An Explanation

Do you remember that post way back in February when I was so busy I was about to fall apart? Well, last week was like that, but 196835208720594200589437504 times worse. I will spare you the extent of my to-do list, because I value your sanity. But it involved a barrage of tests and homework assignments and essays and extra lectures to attend. And it was so bad that on Tuesday I literally had a panic attack (as was previously stated like 2 posts ago). It was very odd and mildly frightening, considering the fact that a panic attack is something I have absolutely no experience with. But I was hyperventilating and I almost passed out several times, and that's what tipped my roommate off that I was losing it. Like seriously, losing it.


But I feel better now. Mostly because my friend Stephanie helped me to organize myself. And I've gotten a lot done. So now I just have to survive the next 2 weeks.

Wish me luck.