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Livin' the life

Looking back on this weekend, I realized I am LIVING THE LIFE. (Hence the title of this post.) My friends and I, we do whatever the heck we want. It's a beautiful thing.

Friday night started out with Sierra, Katie, Kylan, Jordan and myself grabbing some delicious dinner at Costa Vida (and getting discounts for being students at BYU!!!) Deeeeeeeeelish! Then after taking a couple silly pictures in the photo booth at Fat Cats, we began our night of party hopping. We started out the night with a dance party at Kylan and my French professors apartment (which also counted as a cultural activity for our class). We spent a good solid hour there, jamming out to some awesome mixes thrown together by our French prof. Then after that, all of us (INCLUDING our French prof) headed over to Studio 600. It's impossible not to feel awesome when you just walk up and show the bouncers the text-message invite, and you're in. Loved it. :)

Didn't take long to dance my poor legs off, and then Kylan and I headed back to Helaman Halls to just chill for a while. Nothing like some good company and apple beer to finish off the night.

Saturday was easy-going (which is exactly how I like my Saturdays), and I got a bunch of stuff done (*cough* tons of laundry *cough*). Then, after dinner with some of my favorite people (Kylan, Jordan and Ashley), we called Holly up and went on an impromptu shopping trip to T.J. Maxx. 'Twas a beautiful thing. To make the evening even better, we made a stop to the Malt Shoppe (no, that wasn't supposed to rhyme...), and then went up to Y Mountain and watched The Dark Knight in the back of Holly's car. All in all, a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night.

The cherry on top of this lovely weekend was the Relief Society fireside for my stake, at which we had the privilege to listen to Sister Julie B. Beck, the General Relief Society president, speak to us and answer our questions. In case you've never heard her before, Julie Beck is an awesome speaker. She doesn't dress her talks up with complicated topics and absurdly big, fancy words. She is very plain and simple in her talks, making it easy-peasy to grasp her message. She also jokes around a fair amount, which brings a good level of humor into the meetings she speaks at.

Add in the fact that I totally cleaned up my entire half of my shared room today (which was desperately needed), and you could easily say I had a peachy weekend.

So at this very moment, I'm feeling quite a bit like this:

Lets hope I don't wake up tomorrow morning (Mondaysssss.... yuck) feeling any less than aforementioned happiness level.