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My busy week of death.

Professors are really good at the concept of "bad timing." Back in middle school, the teachers would collaborate to make sure that the tests for each subject were evenly spaced so the poor baby students wouldn't get overwhelmed.

College is a whole different world. Professors don't give a crap if you're too busy to study for your American Heritage test. They assume you know how to budget your time wisely ("What time? I have no time!") and they throw whatever the heck they want at you.

Cut to me studying until 2 am every night for my first Bio test (keep in mind that science has never even come CLOSE to being my thing), all the while hoping that I can just wing it on my Portuguese and French tests and NOT fail.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce my temporary male counterpart:

The expression is pretty spot-on as well...

Here's a little insight into the insaneness I'm going through at the moment:

Monday: Take Bio 100 test. Postpone til tomorrow to study some more.

Tuesday: SLEEP IN! (hallelujah) Immediately after classes, take French test. Go home, study more, take Bio 100 test at 8:30 PM.

Wednesday: Breathe. Study for Portuguese test. Go to an extra Portuguese conversation lab. 

Thursday: 9:07 - take French speaking test. Go to classes. Come home and realize that I have to make a Bio poster on cell respiration. Throw that together. 11:00 pm - remember that American Heritage essay is due tomorrow. Work on that til 1 and then pass out.

Friday: Spend every spare moment finishing American Heritage paper. Turn in Bio poster, turn in American Heritage paper. After classes, take Portuguese test.

And then I don't even get the weekend off. I've gotta study for my American Heritage test that's on Monday. So there. Can you tell I'm ready to bury myself in my blankets and hide until the end of finals week?

Não gosto.