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I'm not usually one to be cheesy. But lately I've been writing a lot of poetry, and I wrote a poem about the kind of man I want to end up with someday. Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, I decided it would be a good time to share this poem. Enjoy!

I Want

I want
The kind of man who
Will be driving past a mountain
And pull over
Just to find out if he
Can climb it.

Or by a brilliant floral meadow
And pick out the brightest
Of the brights,
Just for me.

I want
The kind of man who
Will sleep with
His arms around me,
Who will pause from
His busy important day just
To pull me close
And smell my hair,

Or to just watch me
And wonder what
I am thinking at that very

I want
His hands to be
Big and strong,
Able to build and repair
A home, or a heart

But also gentle hands,
That skate over my skin
At night,
And hold the little ones
As they fuss
But they know from his
Hands that
Their daddy loves them.

I want
The kind of man who will
Test my limits and
Push my buttons until
I can't take it anymore.
But I can't
Stay mad because
He never lets me forget how
Crazy I am about him.

I want
A man who watches
The world around him,
Sees what others cannot
And always strives to
Find out more,
Because he knows
There is no end.

He will always
Push me to try new
Things that scare me
But I know I can
Trust him
And so I try them anyway.

I want
A man who will
Call home every day
Twelve times or more
To find out
How I'm doing
What I'm doing
And to never let me forget
How crazy he is about me.

I want
A man who
Will get angry sometimes,
If only so he can always
Be reminded of
How much a meant to him
And he to me.

And if he has to leave me
For a day, or a week,
Or forever,
That he won't say
But simply
And resolutely
See you later.

[Insert cheesy love quote here.]