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The misfortunes of humanity

Today was the 4th anniversary of my dad's death. In honor of his memory, I got up early this morning and placed roses on most of the benches around Helaman Halls. I was joined by 4 of my friends (3 Ashley's and a Jordan). It was a great experience.

However, as I walked back from my first class, I found that many of my sweet roses had been taken. I was completely upset by this. I still am, really. I mean, I made a special effort to tie tags to each of the roses, asking explicitly not to touch them or move them. I wanted to yell at someone. Unfortunately, I don't know who the thief is.

However, regardless of that, today was still about my dad. He was the best dad I could've ever asked for. I love him and I miss him deeply. I wish for a lot of things, but more than anything else I wish that he had never gotten sick and died. But alas, such are the misfortunes of humanity.

David Woodard Carraway
 Born October 29, 1958
Died February 17, 2007

[Carraway used to be spelled with only one R.]