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Fashion vs. Poverty

As I was walking back from my Portuguese 102 class, I happened to be following a certain somebody (no, I'm not being coy; I honestly don't know the guy) who was wearing neon pink duct tape pants. When I saw this, I began thinking to myself, "Is this guy so desperately in need of a pair of pants that he would spend countless hours MAKING a pair from duct tape? Or is he just desperate for attention? Perchance he just really wants to start a trend..." I honestly couldn't come up with a possible explanation as to why this freak of fashion nature had occurred.

In all honesty, I wish I could show you these pants. Normally, Google doesn't let me down. However, my request did seem a bit outlandish. This is the very best I could come up with:

Now just imagine that in neon pink...

And here was the other question I was contemplating: why PINK? I mean, sure, if you're gonna make a very flashy fashion statement, I suppose it would make sense to go all out. But honestly, in my opinion, it would've been better if he had chosen neon green, or yellow, or orange, or ANY OTHER COLOR THAT WOULDN'T SUGGEST HE'S FLAMBOYANTLY GAY.

That was my rant for the day. Thanks for listening. :)