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The Little Red Hen

"If you can't handle me at my worst,
then you definitely don't deserve me at my best."

I really love that quote, because if someone is not willing to be there for you, through thick and thin, then they're not worth all your time and effort. If they're going to let you down at a time when you need them most, then why should they be able to be there only when you're at your best? Because really, you don't need them when your at your best. You need you when you're at your worst.
So if, for some reason, they can't deal with that, then they shouldn't get the privilege of seeing you at your best.
You should be able to enjoy yourself without having to feel a constant need to always be "happy", just so they will still be there when you close your eyes.

This concept is in many things.
When I was little, I read a book called "The Little Red Hen".
Maybe you've heard of it.
I haven't read it in ages,
but it's about a hen who wants to make a cake.
She asks the various animals on the farm to help her,
but nobody wants to help her.
She ends up making the cake all by herself.
When the cake is finished, everybody wants a piece.
But do you think she let's them have some?
Why should they get a piece of cake if they didn't want to do any of the work?
They don't deserve it, and it's not fair for the poor hen!
If they would have helped, she would have been more than happy to give them some cake.
But if you're not gunna do the work, then you're not gunna win the prize.