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Dreaming (Poem)

Our English assignment for today was to write a poem.
It was to be modeled after a British writer's poem that we read in class.
It had to be:
  • 20 lines
  • past tenst
  • 3rd person about yourself
  • end with a poetic thought
  • preferably rhyming
I took at stab at it. Here you are:

This girl was sixteen,
No one like her had been seen.
She was always kind of odd,
Not normal in façade.
Waking up at five thirty,
For her that’s way too early!
Arriving at school,
Feeling useless like a tool…
Who can think at five thirty?
She wanted to be sleeping,
Caught in a dream, it would seem,
Would help stop her weeping.
She wanted to do as she pleased,
In a world of broken dreams.
She longed to discover,
The kindness of another
Who would end the race
For a perfect place
But they’d be sleeping;
Finding perfection in dreaming.