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You can't evade the inevitable.

In the tradition of sucky Mondays, I was in a rush this morning, and as I ran to grab by backpack after lunch my beautiful, trusty iPod touch fell out of my pocket. I've dropped my iPod on several occasions before this, and it has held out just fine, so I picked it up without even looking at it and shoved it back in my pocket. However, upon pulling it out later, I discovered this:

Beautiful. Just lovely.

Of course, this happens to THOUSANDS of people all the time. However, this has NEVER happened to me. I've owned 5 different iPods before this one, and not once have I ever cracked the screen on any of them. But of course, this was inevitable. It's about time I made this mistake. I mean, I'm really lucky it's lasted these 2 years without any real damage. 

I've even been considering getting a new iPod anyway. Well, "new" to me, but I'm definitely buying a used iPod. Yay for being cheap!!!