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Crank up the tunes, yo

It's the 8th!!! Time for more music!

1. Brick By Boring Brick -- Paramore

It's all about the exposure
The lens, I told her
The angles are all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies.

2. Less Than Perfect -- P!nk (Radio Edit)

Change the voices
In your head
Make them like you

3. Wake Up -- Arcade Fire

Now that I'm older
My heart's colder
And I can't
See that it's alive.

4. Born This Way -- Lady GaGa

Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track
Baby, I was born this way

5. Marry Me -- Train

You'll wear white, and I'll
Wear out the words "I love you"
And "You're beautiful."

6. Weekend -- The Smith Westerns

Do you think,
Is it normal
To go through life
Oh so formal?

7. Give Up The Ghost -- Radiohead

I think I have had my fill
In your arms...
I've been told to give up the ghost
Into your arms...

8. For Once In My Life -- Megan Joy (Stevie Wonder cover)

For once I can say
"This is mine; you can't take it!"
And as long as I know
I have love, I can make it.

9. Enchanted -- Taylor Swift

This night is sparkling
Don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck
Blushing all the way home

10. The Universe Is Laughing -- The Guggenheim Grotto

Why's it everything I love
I can't explain?
Like if the world should disappear
Only music will remain.