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Sicked out

I've never been a sickly kid. I rarely got the flu, and not because I always got the shots... I hated the shots, and I fought against them as much as possible. Honestly, I can't remember any times that I was really sick.

However, during high school I discovered that cold viruses have this uncanny ability to incapacitate me.

I first found this out when I caught a cold about 2 weeks before spring break my sophomore year. I was literally out of school for a week, sitting in bed with several rolls of toilet paper and a trashcan next to my bed. I also kept a stack of books with me, because when you're confined to a bed, there's not much you can do other than read, or beg your mother to move the TV into your room so you can watch movies.

It was misery.

Picture this, but 10 years older.

Luckily, I only got one more cold after that, during my senior year. But my luck ran out as soon as I got to Utah.

The first week of fall semester, I was once again afflicted with a cold. The same thing happened the first week of WINTER semester. And of course, my hypothesis was that perchance I was just tired from all the stress of starting up a new semester, and so I was more prone to illness. However, this past week I fell prey to the cold once again.

Why??? Why must I be the one the cold picks on???

This doesn't even begin to illustrate my frustration and confusion.

It's not often that I ask people to shoot me in the head.

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