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Blog game thingy

So I avidly read my friend Candace's blog, and I found this little survey thing about personal favorites. I enjoy surveys, I always have, and I have no idea why. But I thought it would be fun to fill out the survey and post it. So here goes:

Food: That would have to be pizza. Even after eating it weekly for the past 18 years.

Color: Ok, in all honesty, I love black. But if I had to pick another color, I'd pick dark blue.

Animal: It's a pretty even contest between a wolf and tiger.

Sports Team: I've never been much of a sports person, but I do love my Cougs!!

Dessert: Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake

Artist/Singer/Band: Ugh. I have too many. But lets narrow it down... Green Day, Paramore, Coldplay, Muse, Radiohead (not in any particular order).

Pair of shoes: My bright blue Vans. Or my TOMS.

Outfit: Any pair of jeans and a nice shirt, usually.

Store: Pacsun/Zumiez, and also H+M

Brand: Bullhead jeans. Or Billabong.

Perfume: Viva La Juicy, by Juicy Couture

Accessory: I always have my fake Dolce&Gabanna sunglasses with me.

City: That is a tough one... I'll say, besides DC, I love Vienna, Austria.

Hobby: Playing ukulele/guitar/piano/singing.

Beauty product: Garnier Fructis hair mousse

Snack: Euhhhhh pretzels with Nutella. Gooooooood stuff.

Holiday: Christmas. :D

Movie: AHHHHH TOO MANY!!!!!!!

Song: Once again, WAY TOO MANY TO PICK FROM. But if I have to choose, the one song I have always loved and never skipped over on my iPod is American Idiot by Green Day.

Guilty pleasure: Call me a nerd or a dork or whatever you want, but I love the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender series. The movie sucked though.