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In fits of anger...

These past two days have been less than good. With my stuff breaking, and drowning in work, and having 5 TESTS IN A 4 DAY PERIOD (which is nothing less than ABSURD), and just feeling like Biology is intentionally trying to slit my throat, I was, well... angry... this evening. I don't often get mad like I did tonight. You know what's the best thing to do when you're mad?

That's right. Blow stuff up.

Boom BOOM.

Cut to me and Ashley and Holly on the top of level of the parking garage next to the Tanner building with a pack of mento's and a 2-liter bottle of diet coke. Well, we pulled a mild STUPID and didn't realize that the coke's reaction time was like, .2 seconds. We all got a bubble bath. It was beautiful.

Not to mention the fact that we left a nice, sizeable stain on the ground.

Ashley the trusty roommate dutifully poses
next to our incriminating evidence.

I feel better now.