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The turning of tables

This week has begun to take a turn for the better. This morning I got up early and aced a French oral (not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but are we surprised? not really...) and then went on to conquer the day. I ordered a guitar strap off Amazon.com and got free shipping for being a university student (one of the perks of a higher education), and also ordered two of my favorite movies (both for under $2), Bride Wars and The Women. (I FREAKING LOVE AMAZON.COM.)

I would like to talk about The Women for a moment. So few people have heard of this chic flic masterpiece and that needs to be remedied right NOW.

So.... chic flic-esque...

I can't really adequately express to you what exactly it is that this movie has got that makes me love it so much. I can only say it's got this perfect mesh of classiness and trashiness. It depicts WOMEN so well, so spot on... it's fantastic. Here's the one-sentence synopsis from IMDb: "A wealthy New Yorker leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other society women at a resort." To get the FULL plot (if you don't mind spoilers), you can go to good 'ol Wikipedia and read all about it.

IN OTHER NEWS, guess who's gettin' away this weekend? YEAH, ME. I'm going up to Pocatello, Idaho this weekend to hang with my aunt and cousins. I'll get to see my Grandma before I go home for the summer, and I'll get to see my cousin Andy for the last time before he leaves for his mission in Mexico this summer. I might also be seeing my best friend Aubrey, if she manages to find time to come down from Rexburg (she's at BYU-I). I'll be heading out on Friday afternoon and coming back on Sunday. SO PUMPED!

I hope things go according to plan. If so, this weekend will be great. :D