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The Official Update

Ok. So I'm FINALLY blogging from my laptop again. Here's a little catch-up into my life.

My dear sweet roommate Ashley came and visited me two weeks ago, and we had a BLAST! Here's some of my favorite photos from the week:

So what's up now? Well, I'm currently in Bellingham, Washington. I came here with my dear friend Stephanie and her parents, and it's my first time ever being to the west coast. Ever. And I kid you not, I have fallen in love, and I want to spend the rest of my life here. Here's a few reasons why:

In case this hasn't been made clear yet.... IT'S FREAKING GORGEOUS HERE. I love it. A lot.

And last but not least, AMERICAN IDOL! Scotty WON!!! I remember watching his audition and thinking to myself: "This kid is DEFINITELY going places." And dude, I was so right. HE WON THE WHOLE FREAKING COMPETITION. BOO-YOW.

Undeniably one of the most impressive singers I've ever heard.

And so I may or may not be auditioning for American Idol myself this summer........................... More on that later. ;)