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You Must Be Freshmen

Here's another college experience you cannot go without: dealing with the cops.

Unfortunately, I go to BYU, which is located in quiet, very-Mormon Provo Utah. And Provo cops? Let's just say they'll never make a reality TV show about 'em. It would never measure up to Cops: Las Vegas, or Cops: Miami.

So here's the story. My besties Kylan, Jordan, Holly and Ashley all decided we wanted a night on the town. But we didn't want just ANY night on the town. We wanted a CLASSY night on the town. So we got all dressed up in black suits and dresses, adopted Jersey Shore accents, and went over to the Malt Shoppe a few blocks down the road. (Yeah, I know, you're snorting and giggling and thinking "Pssshhhhh that's not CLASSY." But hey, its a matter of opinion.) So we went and got malts, and then we stopped at the Creamery general store and grabbed us some apple beers and Martinelli's. Next stop was the base of the Y. We got there and Holly put down the backseats so we could all sit in a little circle and talk while drinking our apple beers. And while Holly was busy at work with the seats, the rest of us were kinda wandering around outside and taking pictures.

We're guessing the people around us saw Kylan carrying a full case of the apple beers in one hand and brandishing an open bottle in the other hand, because for some reason they apparently felt the need to call the cops on us.

As we were sitting in the backseat, jammin' out to some Interpol and just having an all-around good time, a cop came up to the window and we were like "HOLY CRAP!!" But the first thing he said was "What're we up to, kids?" And Kylan blurted out "It's apple beer, we promise!!!!" Clearly that gave him the heads up that we're BYU students, cuz he just chuckled and said "I'm not here to enforce the Honor Code. I've got better things to do. I just got a call from these people claiming you all had alcohol."

Then he took note of our attire and asked "Did you all just come from a dance or something?" The funny thing is, we really had no legitimate reason for being dressed the way we did. So we explained that we just wanted to dress up fancy and go out and have a good time. Once again this cop just chuckled and said "You must be freshmen." THAT got us laughing. He went on to call us "little rebellious children" and let us off the hook.

So really, if I never have to run from the cops during my lifetime, I'll be ok. Who needs REAL trouble?? Provo cops are enough for me. :)