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A night in the life of the insomniac

College life has finally begun to take it's toll on me.

Last semester I was living the high life. I had all afternoon classes, and only 2 classes each day. So I happily stayed up until obscene hours of the morning, simply because I could... and also because it would take me until then to actually start my homework. But because I could sleep in until noon, I was never tired.

But alas, this semester is slightly different. I have a 10 am class (French) every day. 10 am doesn't give me a lot of room to sleep in. Especially if I plan to take a shower in the morning. However, my brain won't let me fall asleep until 2 or 3 am thanks to last semester's night-owl routine. And not only do I have a 10 am class, but my days are full to the point that I have to be up and running until 4 pm. That's usually the point at which I crash (which I've been trying very hard not to do) and take a 3 hour nap. Which then keeps me up again until 2 or 3. Or 4, if Lieran (my lovely next-door neighbor/soul sister) decides to come visit.

I think it is pretty evident that I am in a pickle.

What an ugly vegetable.

Luckily, however, I have managed to make it through today without crashing (... if you don't count my catnap in Honors Book of Mormon). So if I can make it to 10 or 11, or even midnight, then I might be able to break this vicious cycle. *fingers crossed!!!*