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Questionable Legality

So last night my friends and I decided it would be a fantastic idea to roam around Provo doing who-knows-what/whatever the heck we feel like doing until obscene hours of the morning. I snitched a few of my favorite photos documenting the excursion from Katie Farrenkopf's Facebook... hope she doesn't mind. :/

First stop: The Malt Shoppe. This is our ONE normal photo. It went downhill 
(or uphill, depending on how you look at it) from here.

Still at the Malt Shoppe. Kylan is secretly a ghost.

Not too much later, we found ourselves sneaking around the Alpine Village 
apartment complex. Kylan and Jordan deemed this the perfect make-out corner.

No college experience is complete without a nighttime shopping cart ride.
Sierra got the ride of her life.

We basically decided that whatever we were walking towards about was about to
face a very painful death.
Coincidentally, that happened to be Katie.

Kylan and Jordan. No idea what to say about this picture, but I love it.

Don't we look so dangerous?

Normally my hair doesn't look like this, and I don't like it when it does. But I thought it was such a 
spot-on representation of Joan Jett that I couldn't resist sharing it with the world.

I just want to point out Jordan DeGraw, and his ever-present childlike joy.