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Rani Mukerji Plastic Surgery

Indian actress Rani Mukerji, best known for starring in Bollywood movies, is rumored to have succumbed to plastic surgery to improve her appearance.  

Mukerji, 36, is speculated to have gotten a nose job.

Judging by the before and after pictures, Mukerji's nose seems more angular and straight than before. Her new nose fits perfectly with the rest of her facial features.


On the other hand, though, Mukherji has denied the plastic surgery rumors, reveaing that she would never go under the plastic surgeon's knife because she has "great genes".

Mukherji told the Times of India: "If surgery can help one boost their confidence and it's a must-do, then to each her own."

"I am not here to pass judgement on their personal choices. However, in my case, I have my parents to thank. I have great genes," Mukherji added.