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Amy Adams Covers Vogue's December 2014 Issue (Interview)

Amy Adams appears absolutely gorgeous while gracing the cover of Vogue's December 2014 issue, on newsstands November 19.

Adams, 40, revealed to the outlet about being fired from a TV show: "There was a TV show called "Grosse Pointe" that I was fired from… I probably sucked. I never got a straight answer. It was my second year in L.A., and I got hired for two pilots and got fired from both of them. The producer called me and said: "It's just not working." And I was like: "I know. I could tell."

Amy also told the mag about her "Big Eyes" character five years ago: "I was in a place where I just wanted to play stronger women. And then it came back around and I reread it, and having become a mom, I totally identified with Margaret. Instead of seeing it as naïveté and vulnerability, I could see the strength in her decisions and why she felt she had to continue with the lie."

The star also opened up about wanting her work to be perfect: "I'm a perfectionist. With my work! Not with life. I'm never satisfied with the take. I'll walk away from it, but I could go and go and go. I've had to learn to be OK with it."