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Juhi Chawla Plastic Surgery

Indian actress, TV personality and former Miss India (1984) Juhi Chawla is rumored to have succumbed to plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Chawla, 47, is speculated to have gotten a nose job to change the shape of her nose as well as botox injections.

Chawla has always been known for her angelic face, bubbly personality and cute smile. The Indian beauty, however, was never satisfied with the shape and size of her nose. In an attempt to correct her nose, she has turned to plastic surgery to fix it. Sadly, the procedure didn't turn out well as she probably imagined. Juhi's current nose seems a bit botched on the side. The plastic surgeon tried to fix her nose again, but unfortunately he made her nose longer than before, destroying her beauty forever.

Chawla is rumored to have undergone numerous botox injections to turn back the hands of time, but now she can't bring her smile to her face.

Chawla spoke out about how she almost got her nose changed. Speaking at the opening of, Blush, Dr Jamuna Pai's skin care clinic in the Capital, the Indian star was quoted as saying: "When I was a teenager, I hated my nose. So I went to a cosmetic surgeon and he said he'll have to break this and that. I got scared. The whole procedure frightened me and that I would not look the same. So I never went through with it or went back."



"I wouldn't want to comment on what they do as it's a personal choice. If you want to enhance anything, if you want to look better, feel better, who's to say no? As a person if you ask me, you could change yourself completely. But there should be a balance. You could lose your personality. Don't lose yourself" Chawla added. 


Conclusion: Juhi Chawla's nose looked so much better before. She is definitely included in the the list of plastic surgery disasters.