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Well, that's ONE way to bug me...

You know what sucks about having big feet?


I go online to shop at Amazon whenever I'm bored. I just like to browse. (But secretly, I'm on the lookout for things I know I really really want but that are usually out of my price range, and I hunt them down until I find them at a feasible price.)

Today as I was scouring the internet, I came across these pretty babies:

Lo and behold, I find that they are actually WITHIN my price range!! (which honest to gosh, NEVER happens with boots like this.) I go to select my size, and my heart drops down to the earths core. Do you know why?

The largest size they have is an 8.5. Grumpy face ---------> >:(

Welcome to the woes of the size 11 shoe-wearing women. If you know me, you know my feet don't really look that big. That's an optical illusion, people. On a very rare occasion I can fit into size 10, but elsewise, I've got ski feet. :P

Let's talk about a happy moment in my online consumer life, though, shall we?

Betsey Johnson. If you don't know about this designer (because you live under a rock *cough*), she's got a crazy, quirky taste in fashion. And I gotta say, I'm addicted to it.

Thus, I found this beautiful little cosmetics bag on eBay and snagged it at a quarter it's original price.

Yay for expensive taste!!!