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A staggering new perspective

It's just a tiny little thought. Something that's been lurking at the back of my head for the past few weeks. And very recently it manifested itself to me in a very bold and almost frightening revelation. You might even call it divine inspiration.

That thought?

I need to go.

I have to leave McLean. Move out. Permanently.

Now, this idea has been fairly stressful and upsetting for me. I love my hometown. I cherish it so deeply. There is nowhere else I would rather have been raised. But I have found (as a result of my slow, depressing and mostly non-eventful summer) that there is nothing left for me here. Yes, I have my family. And I will happily come back and visit as often as life permits. But for right now, my life is in Utah. My life is as BYU. And I just can't afford to spend my summers here anymore, sitting in an office or pacing around my bedroom, not getting anything accomplished at all.

So as of right now, I need some of these:

And a whole lot of this:

So I can leave all my stuff in my family's attic until I have a car out west and I can drive back here and pick it all up.

This all seems very depressing, and I apologize. To compensate for the sadness, I offer this picture:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is a duct-tape prom dress. I was highly impressed. Not only is it way cheaper than any normal prom dress, but that girl is also guaranteed not to face the horror of finding a matching dress at the dance. :D

Aight, more on my move-out plans later. Peace, y'all.