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Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery

Indian film actress Kangana Ranaut, best known for starring in "Raaz: The Mystery Continues" and "Once Upon a Time in Mumbai", is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to improve her image.

Ranaut, 27, is speculated to have gotten a nose job, lip and botox injections, cheek and breast implants and even a facelift!


Judging by the before and after pictures, one can observe that Ranaut's lips were smaller and thinner while now they are considerably fuller, thicker, more luscious and pouty! She is currently famous for her "bee-stung" lips.

Ranaut's cheeks were chubby during her debut years in Bollywood. Now they appear lifted and smoothened out. Sometimes, however, the star's face seems puffy, an obvious indication of a facelift.

Another very drastic change can easily be noticed in Kangana's breast as she had a very small bust in the past to the point she could even be described as "flat chested". Now the actress has significantly bigger and rounder breasts, an evidence of breast implants. We should take into consideration, though, that a good push-up bra can play a major role to the women's breast size.

Ranaut's chin or jaw line is more defined and sharper than before, so, she likely also had a corrective surgery for her jaw or a chin job done.

The plastic surgery rumors began when the actress returned from a short vacation in Italy in 2009. She was completely different than she used to as she had fuller lips and breasts. Her character in the 2011 movie "Rascals" (in which she is spotted in a bikini) only further fueled the rumor. Ranaut's rep dismissed the rumors, explaining: "Kangana has a shellfish allergy, which caused a reaction. She's been shooting incessantly for the past two months. It is ridiculous to think she has time for any such surgery."

Kangana herself was quoted as saying: "I have not had plastic surgery. My face looks different as I have gained weight. I was bored of my thin body. The world is dying to get lean, and I like to be different."