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Gauhar Khan Plastic Surgery

Indian model-turned-actress Gauhar Khan succumbed to plastic surgery to enhance her image.  
Khan decided to get lip injections, because she was not pleased with the size of her lips. The procedure, though, didn't go well and she was too embarrassed to appear in front of the camera. She had to call off the shoot of her own reality TV show "Khan Sisters" after her lip surgery went terribly wrong. 

A source close to Khan told Mumbai Mirror that the star, who was filming then for her reality TV show "Khan sisters", had a procedure on her lips. 

Khan's pal revealed: "Gauhar had a photo shoot with a leading magazine a couple of months ago. In between the shoot, the photographer happened to suggest that she would look far more striking with fuller lips."
In order to satisfy the demands of the industry, Gauhar - who was shooting for a YRF venture at the time and when she arrived back in the city to film her reality show - followed the photographer's advice and got lip implants.

Gauhar was not happy with the result and decided to stay away from the camera for a while. A member from the production team was quoted as saying: "After Gauhar saw herself post the procedure, she was shocked as she was not used to her lips being accentuated so much. She just overreacted to the whole procedure and refused to face the camera, and as a result the shoot had to be called off."

After the first shock, Khan confirmed the unfortunate incident and claimed: "I wanted to try the temporary lip augmentation procedure, which lasts for around 3 to 4 hours. But I didn't like the way it looked at all at that point and so, the shoot of Khan Sisters had to be stalled, as I was in shock and wasn't comfortable being captured on camera for that moment."