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Calista Flockhart Nose Job

American actress Calista Flockhart (full name: Calista Kay Flockhart) famous for playing the title character in the Fox television comedy-drama series "Ally McBeal" and the role of Kitty Walker McCallister on the ABC drama "Brothers & Sisters", is rumored to have gotten a nose job to improve her image.

Rumors about Flockhart's nose job started when fans and tabloids found out a photo of the actress, in which her nose shape appears slightly different. The truth is that the difference is quite significant - the bridge of her nose had more volume in the after picture - but we should take into consideration the different lighting in the shot or the strange view angle which could have made her nose seem different.




Conclusion: It is not 100% certain that Calista Flockhart has undergone a nose job, because the little changes which have taken place on her appearance look really natural.