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I'm just making this post because I haven't posted anything in a while...
I actually really want to write something again though - a free write.
I like free writes because they're a way to express what you wanna say and
show everything that's on your mind. It's like your subconscious talking.
It's soo greatt(:
But anyways...
I'll just tell you how my day went.
Today was 5 months with Kevin. Hazah!
That's a long time, is it not?
We went to the park and had a little picnic and made PB&Js and shtuffferzz(:
It was quite a fun dayy(:
Kinda short, but fun nonetheless.
Well, I'm kind of supposed to be doing History homework...
we have to do a bunchhh of definitions.. they're called IDs.. they kinda reallyyy suck.
Like A G6 just came on the radio.
I like this song.
I don't really wanna get off the computer till this song is finished.. haha
but I have lots of work to doooo/:
Oh well. This was pretty much just a diary entry.
Don'ttttt expect anyone to read it.
Unless you're just THAT bored...
which, admittedly, I am some times :D